Jigsaw Puzzles and Dragons Game

Welcome dear friends! Welcome to the only place where you can find dragon like creatures that are both friendly and hilarious – the Dragon city. Jigsaw puzzles & Dragons Game will take you on a unique jigsaw adventure where the world of puzzles and the curious world of dragons collide.

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We live on a hectic little planet. Everywhere you look you see people that are in a hurry, doing their job, going to school, doing their errands. But in these hard times, we all need to have a little bit of fun. This amazing free jigsaw puzzle app offers you one-of-a-kind combination of amusement and logic. By downloading this free puzzles game, that trains the brain and relaxes the mind, you will for sure find your new favorite source of entertainment. Let us introduce you to the mystical world of puzzles and dragons.
Our dragons’ tale begins long ago in a city far, far away called the Dragon city. The dragons that live in this mysterious place, unknown to the human world, are on a special mission. First of all, they want to charm you with their comical looks. They are colorful, dressed in amusing clothes, with smiling faces, and they are here to win your hearts for good. Wow! This jigsaw HD puzzle game already sounds like one of the best puzzle games there is. Second, they come united in this free jigsaw puzzle game to keep you amused and pleased. These dragons have embarked on a journey, taking the form of the free jigsaw puzzle game, to tickle your imagination and exercise your mind. So let the dragon mania begin!
To enter the world of puzzles and dragons just click the play button at the very beginning of the game. You are now in the main gallery. Jigsaw Puzzles & Dragons Game has a very interesting menu – you activate it by pulling the dragon’s tail that is hanging from the ceiling! How fun is that? Here you can select one out of 20 possible languages, you can turn music on or off, and you can choose the level of difficulty – easy, medium or hard. It goes without saying that this dragon puzzle free game offers you a lot more. Go through the gallery, pick the dragon that you like the most and that painting becomes your jigsaw puzzle. Once you finish this free jigsaw puzzle, you can share the picture via Facebook, Bluetooth, or send it as an e-card to your friends or family. If you are a dragon fan like us, after finishing this exceptional matching game you can set the picture as your dragon wallpaper! Play it as much as you like, after all, this new amazing jigsaw puzzle app is free!
If you are one of those people who like comical and charming characters, if you like dragons, or you are just a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast then this game is made for you. Jigsaw Puzzles & Dragons Game can be characterized as jigsaw puzzle game for toddlers, jigsaw puzzle game for kids or as jigsaw puzzle game for adults. So forget about your age and start this jigsaw puzzle and dragon adventure now! Have no fear, dragons are here!

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