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Hip Hop Radio Stations App 1.1 Now Available on Google Play Store
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Nis,23 April, 2013- Nimaxy Studio relaunched 1.1 advanced version of an Android App, Hip Hop Radio Stations, which delivers the best hip hop, rap and r&b radio stations from all over the world. The app is designed in a way as to work perfectly on all Android phones.

In this new and advanced version of the app, users can save and share their favorite radio station on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, or send a radio station via email. One of the major advantages of this app is that users can listen to radio stations without headphones. Also, users can set a timer or sleep timer so that radio station turns off by itself. The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that users can control radio stations even when the app is turned off. Users can use widget option to create a shortcut for a radio station on the home screen. Users can set favorites to create a list of favorite channels for quick access and set an alarm to wake them up. If there is no internet connection and users have set an alarm, users will be woken up by the default alarm from their mobile phone.
“Finding good radio stations can take a lot of time, so the idea behind the project was to collect the best hip hop, rap and r&b stations in one place, ” said Dragan Jankovic, company CEO. “Our users will have all the best radio stations worldwide wherever they happen to be and this app will provide both entertainment and relaxation.”

Hip Hop Radio Stations App is now available on Google Play Store. Like all Nimaxy apps, Hip Hop Radio Stations App is available for free download. This app is available world-wide and instructions for using the app are translated into several languages. Further information is available at http://androidradioapps.com/ and on Facebook Fun Page.

About Nimaxy Studio
Nimaxy is Android soundboard studio, a creative studio which develops music applications and software for Android and Android soundboard apps. Nimaxy develops mobile music apps, in which ringtones, sounds, radio, SMS sounds, alarm sounds and other notification sounds can be found.

Email: nimaxy91@gmail.com.



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