My Talking Virtual Bunny

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Virtual pet games are fun games for girls and boys! Everyone can take care of this cutie in the bunny game! Sweet Bunny is waiting for your care and attention! Feed it, bathe it and play with it all day long in these cool games for girls! Sometimes this little bunny gets bored, and you can amuse it by playing different mini games! Don’t keep the bunny waiting any longer! Download these free games for girls and boys now!

My Talking Virtual Bunny features:

♥ Name the character at the very beginning of virtual pet games.
♥ Talk to bunny and it will repeat everything you say in the bunny game.
♥ This bunny often gets messy, so make sure you bathe it regularly in these fun games for girls.
♥ Play it different music or play bunny games with it, and it will stay in a good mood.
♥Put bunny to sleep in these rabbit games.
♥ You can also play dress up games with the bunny.
♥ Change wallpapers, floor, carpets or put different pieces of furniture.
♥ Achieve new levels in cool games for girls and get amazing gifts.

Hurry and download this game now and play rabbit games with this sweet bunny. With over 10 mini games like Flappy Bunny, Bubble Shooter or Tic Tac Toe you will never get bored in these bunny games.