My Talking Virtual Baby

Hey there cuties! Ready for a new virtual pet? Well this virtual pet is something completely new! This one really needs your care in fun games for girls! My Talking Virtual Baby is finally here! For all of you who like playing baby care games this game is just the thing! You will need to do it all – feed it, put it to sleep, play with it. With a whole bunch of mini games you will never get bored!
You never dreamed of having a virtual baby such as this one! You will grow to love him, and it will make you laugh with its funny voice! Download these virtual baby games and you will never get bored!

In these fun games for girls you will experience brand new baby care games! The cutest baby of them all is waiting for your love and care in free games for girls!

My Talking Virtual Baby features:
♥ ADOPT the cute virtual baby, and help it grow in these top baby games!
♥ DRESS UP your cute baby with different outfits in these top baby games for girls!
♥ FEED the Baby when it’s hungry.
♥ BATH your virtual baby to keep a smile on its face in baby care games!
♥ TUCK your virtual pet in when it wants to sleep!
♥ CURE the Baby when it gets sick.
♥ LEARN how to play the piano in this baby game.
♥ DECORATE Baby’s house with amazing decorations!
♥ PLAY MINI GAMES – we created 10 mini games for you to have fun in free games or girls.

Join top baby games for girls with the Virtual Baby! My Talking Virtual Baby is the perfect baby game for kids. It includes educational mini games that develop children’s motor skills, reflexes and logic.
Play Flappy Baby, Mastermind, Tic Tac Toe, Jumping Baby, and 6 other mini games to entertain your new virtual baby.