Unicorn & Pony Dress up Games

  • Unicorn & Pony Dress up Games
  • Unicorn & Pony Dress up Games
  • Unicorn & Pony Dress up Games
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Your dream characters from unicorn games are finally here! Have you ever wanted your own pony or unicorn? What if we told you that now you can actually MAKE one in the brand new pony game? Four amazing characters have flown from a magical land far away into this game pony, with only one wish – to become your new best buddies in pony dress up games! In these dress up games for girls, you can play makeover games with your new friends whenever you like. Change their color or put them different accessories, and with the help of pony dress up and pony make up, they will shine brighter than diamonds. Let these amazing ponies and unicorns turn your life into a fairytale. What are you waiting for? The little pony games are about begin!

Unicorn & Pony Dress up Games app offers:

♥ SALON – A bunch of accessories, cute outfits and makeup ideas to dress up in makeover games
♥ DRESS UP – Stunning pieces of garment to mix and match in unicorn games
♥ MAKE UP – Fascinating set of pony makeup tools in pony game
♥ MAKEOVER – A possibility to save the makeover or take a SELFIE with your character as soon as you finish unicorn game

Helping these characters will take you a step closer to the magical land of ponies & unicorns. Make them your new best friends and help them dress up like never before. In these exciting unicorn games your new friends will gladly take a photo with you that you can save and always carry with you.

Pony games let you play makeover games with four ponies in dress up games for girls. Furthermore, you can:

♥ Change the background in free dress up games for girls
♥ Share your outfit on social networks


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