Make a Cake – Cooking Game

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Once upon a time there was a wicked witch who captivated fairies from the land of fairy tales. Only Popsy escaped but she must make a cake to save other fairies. Join this magical journey and be a hero in this COOKING GAME.
Get ready for the fight against an evil witch and participate in this exciting cooking story! Be a cake maker and help Popsy in this cooking cake game by making the most beautiful cakes that will put a witch to deep sleep. While the witch is asleep, Popsy will rescue her fairy friends. Beware! If you don’t bake a cake and dress up a cake on time, the cake will fall apart and the evil will win.
This android game is made of several free games and playing of each starts with choosing the cake that is to be made on cooking dash according to the game play rules. Cooking class starts with cake recipes for making a birthday cake, a wedding cake, a monster cake, a romantic cake, a sweet shop cake, a cupcake.
Cooking games for girls and boys are educational games for kids, because they are entertaining and teach them how to cook by giving them cooking recipes. All cake games in this cooking app can be repeated as many times as you want.


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