Ice Cream Magic Cooking Games

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Welcome to Yogurtland! Be part of ice cream adventure by making ice cream in this free cooking game for kids. Visit ice cream village where magic begins!

A wicked witch from the wicked land found out that her sister, a wicked witch of the west, was in deep sleep, because fairies, thanks to the kids, put her to sleep by making cakes. She was so angry so she sent her dragons to melt the yogurt land. After the damage that was done to them, Yogies need help to make as many ice creams and frozen yogurts as possible to rebuild the Yogurtland.

This android game is made of several free games for kids. Playing of each starts with choosing the ice cream or frozen yogurt recipe according to the game play rules. After choosing the cooking recipe you need to mix ingredients with the help of Yogies and their magical machine. Ice cream games all of them are oreo, cup frozen yogurt, monster ice cream, ice cream cake, ice cream sandwich and you can use ice cream shop for more elements.

Wizards Time Company makes cooking games for girls and boys which are educational games for kids, the purpose of which is to teach them how to make ice cream and frozen yogurt in a magical way. The action of this game takes place in the imaginary world of magic, fairytales, witches, dragons and other original magical creatures created by Wizards Time team. Ice Cream Magic – Cooking Games is entertaining because kids fight against the evil and have to solve the tasks they are given.


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