Dots Clicker

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Fellow clickers, get ready for a cookie clicker – like dots game!
We present to you a new game free for Android – Dots Clicker!
Clicker games are waiting for a master clicker!

The gameplay of this clickers game is quite simple, just like in all the cookie clicker games that are also addicting games. All you have to do is start clicking on the big dot in order to create more dots of the same color. Your goal in these clicker games is to change the color of the background completely. Better hurry up, because in this dots game the dots won’t make themselves – well, not without the help of dots hero! Don’t be lazy! Click it like you mean it!

While playing this clickers game you collect dots by clicking on the largest dot. With the dots that you have collected you can go to the dots store and trade the dots for some amazing upgrades. Rest assured that these upgrades are very helpful in these funny games. This is a true fun for mobile! Become a fast clicker in these cool games that are clicker games! Get Dots Clicker now!


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