Dragon’s Puzzles – Free App of the Day

Dragons’ message to all their fans:

Greetings humans! My name is Burpon, and I am one of the dragons from Dragons City! (Hey! Go away Clumsion! Give me back that dragoncorder! Can’t you see I’m sending a message to our friends on planet Earth?)

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Where was I? Ah yes! My dear friends, we have been informed that you made Jigsaw Puzzles & Dragons Game your App of the Day. We are truly honored to receive such a wonderful gift! All of us from Dragons City are expressing our gratefulness to all human beings, young and old, who have welcomed us into their hearts! For that we thank you. Let it be known, that from this day forward all human beings are friends of our ancient city, and they must be treated with greatest respect! Children and adults, boys and girls, we invite you all to visit us in our enchanted game and have as much fun as your heart desires with Dragons’ jigsaw puzzle!


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