Cooking Games for Kids A Perfect Recipe for Great Fun

What is that sweet smell? It must be those delicious cakes again! Whether you make them yourself or you buy them at a confectionery store, they can always make you smile with that mouth-watering taste and gorgeous looks. But now there is a way to practice your cooking abilities on your phone or tablet by playing Make a Cake – Cooking Game.


Every little girl or boy watches in silent awe as their parents or grandparents prepare food in the kitchen. This magical process in which the grown-ups use their tools and those enigmatic scribbles fascinates the kids. Their parents become their heroes, and cooking becomes a symbol of creativity, maturity and hard-work. In Make a Cake – Cooking Game all future cake masters will have a chance to use different ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk and more, and they will come to know the basics in cake making. Furthermore, this free game for kids allows the players to demonstrate their creativity by performing their role as a cake designer. By combining different colors, entertaining backgrounds and amazing figures, the kids will revel in this cooking experience. So the best way for every little cake maker to explore its creativity and learn how to make cakes is to play this fun game for android.
Although cakes are one of our favorite desserts, they come in so many shapes, sizes and we use them is so many different occasions – so which one should we pick? Should it be a birthday cake? Or maybe a wedding cake? But why shouldn’t we make them all? Make a Cake – Cooking Game gives its players an opportunity to make any kind of cake they want – even cupcakes!
But what could possibly make cooking seem even more enchanting? Most of us have grown up listening to bedtime stories about terrible monsters who would destroy anyone who stands in their way. In those stories usually a brave hero comes along to save the day and sends a message that bravery, friendship, determination, love and goodness can defeat whichever evil force there is. These stories remain buried deep within our mind, reminding us what kind of people we should be. Besides that it offers a variety of different, dream-like cakes, Make a Cake Cooking Game also has a fairy-tale creatures that tell the kids the story of a fairy named Popsy who is on a mission to save her friends from a wicked witch. While having fun and making wonderful cakes, the kids will also have a sense of purpose in the fight against bad old witch. So download this free game for girls and boys, and find out what makes this cooking game one of a kind.
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