Music Brings People Together

Free music online from the Balkans is now available for Android phone and tablets. Top Balkan music and latest news are now just a click away.


The Balkans have always been a mosaic of various cultures and religions. This region has been a crossroads of different people from the East and the West who brought their customs and their music with them. From one end to the other, the Balkans are rich with the diverse sounds of instruments such as trumpet, accordion, gusle, tamburitze, woodwind, bouzouki, violin, bagpipe and others. By downloading Balkan Voice Radio Stations you can enjoy numerous music styles, all in one place. In this free radio online app you can find a vast number of songs, as well as latest news, from different countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria or Macedonia. Balkan Voice Radio Stations are giving you the opportunity to hear new and old hits from Croatia, Slovenia, Romania or Greece. The music of the people who live in the Balkans reflects their personality as well as their culture. With this internet radio app you can also listen to different radio stations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Turkey and Albania.


Balkan Voice Radio Stations offers its users a set of very useful features that can be used on daily basis!
Not only does Balkan Voice Radio Stations app provide exceptional music but it also presents its users with some amazing features like the timer, the alarm, and listening to music with or without headphones. If you set the timer it will turn off the application at a specific time. Do exactly the same with the alarm and you will wake up with the sounds of your favorite radio fm online. This free app for Android also gives its users the choice of listening to music even without headphones. So while you are sightseeing the beautiful landscapes that can be found in almost every corner of the Balkans, feel free to turn on the best local radio stations on your tablet or phone and share this unique experience with family and friends.
Get to know the culture of the people from the Balkans through their music.
For a long time the Balkans have been the home for a great number of unique and exceptional people. In order to truly understand the culture of a particular group of people we must look at the world through their eyes. The people from the Balkans have always expressed their thoughts and emotions through lyrics and music. Listening to the words of some old songs we can understand the origins of the people from the Balkans, their aspirations, and their longings. However , through some of their new songs we can see what brings them together as a community. Now, all those new and old hits that hide the secret of the Balkans true soul can be found in one place – Balkan Voice Radio stations.
In the words of Heinrich Heine “Where words leave off, music begins”. So let your music begin and step into the amazing adventure called the Balkans.

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