WIZARDS TIME D.O.O. DONJA VREZINA is an entertainment and media company that builds its future around costumers’ aspirations, innovative ideas and Wizards Time team’s dedication. Established in October 2012, Wizards Time is primarily focused on the development and marketing of Android and iOS mobile apps and games.

Our company is mainly interested in designing games for kids. The purpose of these games is meant to be educational but entertaining as well. We continually strive to better our games, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.
The action of all our games takes place in the imaginary world of magic, fairy tales and supernatural creatures. Each character from our games has the role of a guide throughout the gameplay. These characters, which are intellectual property of Wizards Time`s team, are designed to be pleasant, amusing and original, so that while acting as helpers in different tasks they also have a great impact on the player’s imagination. We aim to design games that are interactive, educational and thought-provoking for both boys and girls. Wizards Time company offers its games in several different languages, so that children from all around the world can enjoy playing these fun and exciting games.

From the very beginning Wizards Time company has set its sights on becoming a brand recognized in the world of mobile applications and games. We are now expending internationally in the fields of game and music development. Wizards Time music apps have millions of users world-wide and more than 500 associates in musical industry. Our pride lays in the quality of the apps and games we invent daily.

WIZARDS TIME D.O.O. DONJA VREZINA company was founded in a charming town of Nis, in the south-eastern of Serbia. The company unites a group of marketing experts, professional developers and talented artists from all around the country. Nevertheless Wizards Time company is always open to hiring new, ambitious, hard-working young people who are eager to prove themselves.